We ride for a good purpose

Vašík is a nine-year-old boy. He was born in June 2008 in Brandýs nad Labem, after a smooth pregnancy, the delivery was surprisingly unexpectedly problematic. When Vašík was born, he was not breathing, so he had to be intubated and was transferred to Prague Thomayerova hospital with a better and appropriate medical equipment.

He was able to leave the hospital after two months, even though his diagnosis was absolutely vague. Being five months old Vašík underwent a neurological examination, the results confirmed the congenital defect of the spinal dysplasia. As a result of that Vašík has muscular hypotonia and total plegia of lower limbs.

Because he suffers from extensive scoliosis he is unable to sit without a support. He has no fine motor skill, which limits his ability to use his hands. Furthermore, to his misfortune, at the age of 5, he suffered from heavy pneumonia because of which Vašík had to undergo tracheostomy.

Today Vašík moves on a wheelchair. Vašík is attending the second year of a regular elementary school. Despite all his troubles with finger control he learned to write and draw. Regardless of having the tracheotomy, he learned to speak excellently and he even sings. He is a very bright young boy who learns very well and is interested in the universe and loves computer games.

Last year Vašík completed few-week-long therapy at neurological clinic Axon in Prague. Therapy was physically very strenuous and after a few days the outcome was apparent – better coordination of movements, strengthening of muscles and arms.

Vašík’s parents would like him to go through this therapy again but unfortunately, this therapy is not covered by the health insurance. The four-week therapy costs 65 000 CZK.