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Prague Orbit


Prague Orbit is a cyclo ride around the city of Prague. The purpose of the ride is:

  • Counter 80+ km (or whatever you fancy) on the mountainbike through some of the nicest stretches around capital
  • Meet with like-minded people from across Europe, who share the passion for sport and / or use of data
  • Rise money for Krystof – an 11 years old boy, who is paralyzed with combined, neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system, epilepsy and scoliosis

Billigence is a bunch of people who believe data is the most valuable asset of today’s businesses. These people also believe life is more than work and share the passion for spending time informally or doing sports. This is how Prague Orbit came about – on the plane from Dusseldorf to Prague when Michael and Tomas thought it would be cool to circle Prague on the bike in one day. It could be 100km trip. And we could invite our clients, friends and colleagues to join. And the name would be Prague Orbit, after M25 called London orbital.

It took more time than we thought to really commit to it and start making Prague Orbit happen. An important impulse has been Kryštof – a young boy who lives in loving family, still his life is tougher than ours. Billigence people also believe it makes great sense to do something good for others. Thus, there’s this great synergy of social-sporting-helping activity we would love you to be part of Prague Orbit 2016.

We hope you will find this idea similarly irresistible and touching as we did and join us. We’re working with selected Prague locals to fine-tune the route through the most interesting and picturesque suburbs of the capital. You will ride through narrow green valleys, experience home-made food and beer from local brewery, cross the river where there’s no bridge and experience czech hospitality. It will be mere 85 km with some 1000m of elevation gain in the terrain that – from a big part - deserves a mountain bike. A non-trivial sporting effort that for sure inspires your friends, family and network to fund the good case of the Prague Orbit 2016 – collect 50,000 CZK (1,500 GBP) for Kryštof’s new carriage where he’ll be able to enjoy his family trips. The fund-rising is very easy – see the Fundrising section.

Kryštof’s story

Kryštof was born as a healthy baby boy. Pregnancy and delivery run smoothly, with no complications. In his second year we started noticing developmental delay signs, but we thought those were attributed to the birth Tereza - Kryštof’s sister - and his temporary regression.

Later that year we started consulting his stagnation with doctors. First, they suggested that Kryštof suffered from autism. We noticed a major regression in his development in his 3rd year. He stopped talking (by then, he knew about 50 words and used them in sentences) and his motor skills deteriorated significantly. We saw many doctors and went through numerous medical checks (brain MRI, coeliolymph checks, DNA tests), but none did yield any diagnosis or explanation. All known genetic, metabolic and neurological diseases got eliminated.

Kryštof keeps loosing all his skills gradually – now he is not able to serve himself and needs assistance with any task. He is now 11 years old and he can hardly walk with assistance. He cannot hold anything in his hands anymore.

In addition to these symptoms there are others, so called secondary symptoms, being gradually built now. Kryštof started to suffer from heavy epilepsy, unfortunately with no medical treatment available. The constant attacks of epilepsy are very tiring to him while unevenly weakening his muscles. Last year, this caused scoliosis of his spine.

Still, there is a brighter side of this story. Kryštof is very positive, smiling and in a good mood almost constantly. He loves to eat. Every time he sees food or someone else eating, he wants too. Although his mental age is only about six months now, you can tell straight if he liked the food he ate or not – simply, he says “ham” sometimes even “yummy”.  For example, if you give him a sour tangerine or a tomato, he makes a face and sometimes we even have a feeling he comments it with “ble”.

As a typical boy, he is interested in anything with wheels. He used to touch and lick all the cars parked around him. He is not doing this anymore but still he enjoys watching car or motorbike races on TV. And it is the same with football or any ball sport. He likes “swimming” or just floating in the pool but he can’t resist drinking the water so it is becoming difficult…

He is not afraid of animals and, actually, he prefers to interact with big ones. He smiles at them and likes to hug and kiss them. He is happy with animals around him. He does not even mind getting a kiss from a cow.

We attend hippo therapies every week with him. From a distance, he recognizes horse Morfik he rides with his therapist.

Kryštof is very social. For six years he has been visiting social welfare institution “DAR” in Veleslavin (Alzirska 1, Praha 6) where he loves everybody. Every morning, you can tell he is ready going there. Last summer he went for the first time to a therapeutic camp in Boskovice. He returned very excited from the stay there. Smiling, chubby, keen to communicate constantly.

One would say he is an ideal kid – no back talking, easy to know his needs for meal or the rest. Or, when his palms or feet get cold, you can tell by a very sad face.

He loves when we look after him, give him a massage, make funny faces or tell him stories about people and animals around him. He always starts smiling at you and you feel the therapeutic effect even on yourself. Things cannot be hurried with Kryštof – he requires a slow pace with everything. And this definitely takes you out of the daily rush.

To provide as much convenience and quality life to Kryštof as possible, we have been doing almost any activity that can be done with him. Unfortunately, he grows bigger, heavier and almost immobile – he cannot even sit anymore. Any manipulation with him is hard. It is getting impossible to serve him in one person. That is why he got a new trolley/cart, specially fit to his body. Until he was 10, we used to go for cycling trips with Kryštof sitting in a special cycling cart attached to the bike. Detached cart could be used as a “comfy” chair for our trips and walks with Kryštof. For more than a year, we now have been without the cart which limits our family life significantly. Kryštof cannot stay sat in his wheelchair for a long time - he needs changing his position frequently. That is why we borrowed for testing a new extended model “Kozlik max country” for children above 10. Once again, we could go for an all-day trip because Kryštof can straighten his legs, rest his head and arms, feel well and enjoy our trip as in the past.

Many thanks in advance for any contribution Klára and Vojtěch Čáp, Kryštof’s parents


How it went on Saturday, June 4, 2016

Jak se nám dařilo

Naším přáním a cílem bylo vybrat 50 000 Kč Kryštofovi na nový terénní vozík.
91 358 Kč
Celkem se podařilo vybrat 91 358 Kč, které Kryštof vyčerpá nejen na nákup vozíku a speciální ortopedické vložky do něj, ale i na další kompenzační pomůcky a/nebo služby.

Co jsme koupili

Rádi bychom ještě jednou poděkovali všem dárcům. Díky vašim příspěvkům si mohl Kryštof pořídit nejen nový terénní vozík zn. Kozlík Max Country s kompletní výbavou, ale také odsávačku hlenů zn. Medela Clario, speciální matraci s pamětí pro pacienty dlouhodobě upoutané na lůžko a ještě mu zbylo na péči fyzioterapeuta.

72 dárců
Kryštofovi na nový terénní vozík přispělo 69 lidí a 3 spřátelené organizace.
60 účastníků
V sobotu se sešlo 60 účastníků, 34 z nich vyrazilo na velký 80 km okruh a 26 na rodinnou 30 km trasu.
1-72 (věkové rozpětí)
Nejmladší účastnici Dorotce Čápové je 1rok a nejstaršímu účastníkovi Karlovi Kaprovi, který s přehledem dokončil 80km okruh, je 72 let.
50 medailí
V cíli jsme účastníky odměnili 50 hliněnými medailemi z chráněných dílen Jedličkova ústavu v Liberci. Tak velkou účast jsme nečekali, 50 kusů byl minimální počet pro objednávku :)

Ujet prvních 5 kilometrů nám trvalo hodinu, protože se k davu dospělých, kteří jeli velký okruh, nečekaně připojil i malý 5 letý Fabián. Rodičům ho vrátili kamarádi z Polska, kteří se pak sami ztratili při průjezdu oborou Hvězda. Kdykoli se někdo ztratil, byl brzo nalezen a připojen ke skupině. Naštěstí nedošlo ani k žádnému úrazu. A nestrádali jsme ani hladem.

60 koblih a 162 minibaget
Před startem jsme k snídani rozdali 60 koblih a 162 obložených minibagetek,pak jsme se občerstvovali průběžně během jízdy a v cíli nás čekal bohatý raut (šišky domácího štrůdlu, pečené maso, řízky, tatarák z lososa a hovězího masa, ovoce, čerstvá i grilovaná zelenina).

Doufáme, že jste si ten den taky užili.

Kryštofovi přejeme příjemnou a pohodovou jízdu při vyjížďkách do přírody, které má rád.

Děkujeme vám za skvělé společné zážitky a těšíme se na další setkání zase za rok :-)

How the day went

It was our wish and aim to raise 50 000 CZK in order to buy a new cross-country carriage for Kryštof.
91 358 CZK
Together we’ve successfully raised 91 358 CZK which will be used for purchase of the carriage, a special orthopaedic liner for the carriage and other compensatory aids or/and relief services.

Kryštof a Terezka.jpg

Where the money went

We would like to thank again to all donators. Thanks to your donation Kryštof purchased not only the new completely equipped cross-country carriage Kozlík Max Country, but also a mucus pump Medela Clario, a special mattress for long term lying patients and he is also enjoying a physiotherapist’s care.

72 donors
The purchase of the carriage was funded by 69 individual contributors and 3 affiliated companies.

60 participants

There were 60 bikers participating at the orbit race on Saturday, 34 of them took off for the 80 km route and 26 of them took the 30 km family ride.

1-72 (age range)

The youngest participant was 1 year old Dorotka Čápová and the oldest one was 72 years old Karel Kapr who completed the 80 km route without any difficulties.

50 medals

After reaching the finish we rewarded 50 of the participants with clay medals that were produced by people with multiple physical and mental disabilities in sheltered workshops in Jedličkův Institute in Liberec. We did not expect such an interest and the 50 pieces was the least possible amount to be ordered.:-)

The first 5 kilometers took us an hour because 5 years old Fabian unexpectedly joined adults for the 80 kms long route. Luckily he was handed over back to his parents by a few Polish friends of us, who got lost their way afterwards when crossing the Obora Hvězda. Anybody who got lost was found and reunited with the group soon. Nobody was hurt and we did not suffer from hunger either :-).

60 donuts and 162 mini-baguettes

60 donuts and 162 filled mini-baguettes were distributed before the start, then we kept us refreshed during the race. At the finish there was a dinner party (home-made strudel, roasted meat, schnitzels, salmon and beef tartar steak, fruit, grilled and fresh vegetables).

We hope you enjoyed the day as much as you could and as we did.

We wish Kryštof all the best, pleasant and comfortable ride in his new carriage whenever he is outdoors enjoying the nature which he likes.

Many thanks to all of you for the support and amazing shared experience.

And we are looking forward to meeting you again next year :-)


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Prague Orbit Mapa

Prague Orbit route has been planed to lead through interesting and nice nature spots around Prague. It is avoiding major roads and mostly follows cyclo-paths or forest tracks. We recommend you ride on mountain or trekking bike. If you insist to ride on your road bike, be aware you will probably need to walk your bike through few stretches.

Prague Orbit ride will start on the west side of the town – where participants will be staying. There’ll be an opportunity to meet Kryštof and his family in the morning and hand him over the cheque with funds raised.

The ride will start at 9:00am. We will circle the city counter-clockwise and there will be points of interest marked on the map. Also, places with easy access to the train or metro will allow for an escape route should that be needed. Everyone will be able to go at their own pace. Riders will have a chance to meet in pubs alongside the route, interesting of which will be marked on the map.

Prague Orbit has become children friendly!

We have a new family route - respectively 2 routes for families with children.

Option 1 = 29 km, which includes two boat transfers
Option 2 = 22,5 km - via the valley of Šárka through Suchdol to Únětic to restaurant U Lasíků, and back.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.41.45


Zvláštní účet ve Fio bance
č. účtu: 24 00 94 42 10 / 2010

Děkujeme, že své příspěvky posíláte buď přes Just Giving nebo převodem

Would you like to join?

Prague Orbit is an event intended only for invited guests, but other interested enthusiasts are also welcomed.
If you like, please let us know, how would you like to contribute.






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